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Table of Contents Volume 53 Number 6, November/December 2000

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In This Issue
Man in the Middle
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Moynihan's Mischief
by Nancy C. Wilkie

NewsbriefsFULL TEXT!
Bedding Down for Eternity; Gorm the Old Goes Home; Inka Beer Bash; Aqua Dholavira; Black Saloon; Fine Wine & a Piss-Poor Vintage; Back to Greece; A Church Pew with a View; Phoenician Resilience

Barbarians at the Gate
by James Wiseman

American Scene
Rocking the Plymouth Myth
by James Deetz and Patricia Scott Deetz

At the Museums
Antioch in Antiquity
by Angela M.H. Schuster

Ancient Roadmap
Latin Revival
Mostly About Mummies...
by Mark Rose

Coring Ancient Rome
by Albert J. Ammerman

Mummies: Tut to Lenin
by Edward Bleiberg
Drama of Evolution
by Susan Anton

Letters from Old Russia

Labyrinths & Bull-Leapers

Ice Age Ohio

Back to Greece

Letters from Old Russia
Love, death, and taxes in medieval Novgorod
by Jean Blankoff

Writing Unwritten History
An archaeologist and American Indian walks the tightrope of a double life.
by Joe Watkins

Ice Age Ohio
A deep cave yields evidence of Paleoindians, climate change, and the demise of the megamammals.
by Kenneth B. Tankersley and Brian G. Redmond

Trade & Empire: The Road to Timbuktu
Camel caravans and the rise of commerce in medieval Mali
by Timothy A. Insoll

Labyrinths & Bull-Leapers
In judging everything he found at Knossos to be indigenous, the British antiquarian Sir Arthur Evans misguided generations of Minoan scholars.
by J. Alexander MacGillivray

First Farmers
A unique Syrian site, flooded after completion of a dam, yielded evidence of one of the world's oldest settlements.
by Bernadette Arnaud

Parlours to Pyramids
Fleeing the "gilded cage of English civilization," artist and adventurer Adela Breton became a skilled copier of Maya murals and reliefs in the early 1900s.
by Mary McVicker

Occupational Hazards
by Jerald T. Milanich

Photos, from top: Icon of Nicholas of Zaraisk (Courtesy J. Blankoff); Cretan kouros (Courtesy J. Alexander MacGillivray); view from Sheriden Cave (Kenneth B. Tankersley); stolen Greek vase (Ministry of Culture, Hellenic Republic of Greece)

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