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Table of Contents Volume 53 Number 5, September/October 2000

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In This Issue
Our Far-Flung Staff
by Peter A. Young

From the President
The Electronic Auction Block
by Nancy C. Wilkie

NewsbriefsFULL TEXT!
Caucasus Kurgan Cache; Royal Coffin Controversy; Stonehenge Skeleton Mystery; Monument Make-Over; Rape of Titanic; Sophocles at the Colosseum; Cretan Shrine Discovered; Jeweler's Wheel Secrets; Cambyses' Lost Army; Supervision at Temple Mount

Beirut in Transition
by James Wiseman

Who Were the First Americans?
by Kenneth B. Tankersley

At the Museums
Subway Art
by Angela M.H. Schuster

Web Links to the Past FULL TEXT!
by Kristin Romey

American Scene
Hounding the Dead
by Brenda Smiley

A Blessed Bayonet
by Donald J. Young

Mystery of the Maya Facade

Brothers or Cousins?

Web Links to the Past

Facing the Past

Mystery of the Maya Facade
Astute detective work gives new meaning to a looted artwork.
by David Freidel

Tales from the Crypt
A descent into the Tomb of Osiris
by Angela M.H. Schuster

Cultural Revolutionary
An eminent Beijing archaeologist and communist looks back on a lifetime weathering political tempests.
by Erling Hoh

Troubled Waters FULL TEXT!
An ancient trading center in Turkey is being partially flooded by dam construction, spurring last-minute rescue efforts.
by Özgen Acar

Arabian Time Capsule
An undisturbed trove of relics reveals the trading patterns of a Bronze Age society.
by Daniel T. Potts

Brothers or Cousins?
Climate change and competition from modern humans led to the demise of the Neandertals.
by Jean-Jacques Hublin

Writing Collaborative History
How the Monacan Nation and archaeologists worked together to enrich our understanding of Virginia's native peoples
by Jeffrey L. Hantman, Karenne Wood, and Diane Shields

Facing the Past
A forensic artist reconstructs the visages of Monacan ancestors.
by Mark Rose

Photos, from top: Mexico City facade (Jorge Pérez de Lara, Courtesy the Instituto Nacional de Anthropología e Historia); reconstructed Neandertal skull (Jean-Jacques Hublin); illustration (Ray Bartkus); facial reconstruction of Monacan woman (Terri Brayton)

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