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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 53 Number 3, May/June 2000

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Trench Warfare Over Disputed Sites Developer Neglects Site, Blames State
The state of Tennessee has slapped a developer in fines for ignoring federal and state agencies while allowing a prehistoric site to wash into the Tennessee River.

Salvage Operation Angers Tribe, Concerns White House
An archaeologist's decision to take human remains out of state for testing without tribal consent has cost him his job and spawned state and federal investigations.
Rare Etruscan Wreck An expedition searching for the wreckage of an airplane piloted by Antoine Saint-Exupéry has led to the discovery of an Etruscan wreck off the coast of southern France.
Pharaoh in the Basement A 2700-year-old statue of an Egyptian king was recently rediscovered in a British archaeological museum in Southampton.
Meteorite Custody Case Archaeologists are closely watching an escalating custody battle between a coalition of western Oregon tribes and the American Museum of Natural History over a 15.5-ton meteorite.
Shang City Uncovered The largest walled city of the Shang Dynasty has been unearthed at Anyang in northern China.
Gold Koran Returned Eighteen chapters of a ninth-century gold Koran have been returned to the Republic of Turkey.
Bones in the Bathroom A human skull and mandible appeared in the women's bathroom of a shopping mall in Victoria, British Columbia..html
Grotto Paintings Revealed Researchers have discovered animals and symbols on the walls and ceiling of the Arcy-sur-Cure cave.
Tomb of King Snake Gourd Exploratory excavations in a pyramid at a Maya site of Ek Balam in northern Yucatán have yielded the remains of a king known as Ukit-Kan Lek.
Ship Ahoist After 2,000 years in the mud and another 14 in a lab, the fishing boat found in the Sea of Galilee has found its permanent home in an Israeli museum.
Rome Exposed Salvage excavations conducted ahead of tram station construction revealed the remains of an Imperial Roman port used to receive and store goods.
Hoodoo Cache The discovery in Maryland of a deposit under a brick floor is changing the way archaeologists think about early African American beliefs.

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