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Beneath the Seven Seas 

Bass, G.
New York: Thames & Hudson, 2005. ISBN 0500051364.
More than two dozen researchers from the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA) tell the story of the institute's 30-plus years of underwater archaeological research--not "warts and all" but close enough for an academic work. See also our review. 256 pages.
Adventures of a Sea Hunter 

Delgado, J.
Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 2004. ISBN 1553650719.
Delgado in his book recounts many experiences from hosting the TV series, The Sea Hunters, with Clive Cussler, and his own experiences in exploring shipwrecks underwater, including the Titanic. In recounting his experiences, Delgado provides a detailed history of each ship, people connected to it, and the reasons for the shipwreck. 230 pages.
Iron From the Deep: The Discovery and Recovery of the USS Monitor 

Sheridan, R.
Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2003. ISBN 155750413X.
In 1973, marine geophysicist and geologist Robert Sheridan helped discover the famed Union ironclad USS Monitor off the coast of North Carolina. His new book combines a history of the Monitor with a personal account of the discovery and recovery of the vessel, as well as the twenty years he spent lobbying Congress to preserve the historic ship. 261 pages.
Captain Cook: A Legacy Under Fire 

Collingridge, V.
Guilford: The Lyons Press, 2002. ISBN 1585747254.
In 1768, James Cook, on an epic sea journey that secured his place in history, discovered Australia. One hundred years later, George Collingridge claimed that the Portugese had gotten to Australia first. Now Vanessa Collingridge, a distant cousin, opens up the debate on the two men behind the myths. 376 pages.
Gifts from the Celestial Kingdom: A Shipwrecked Cargo for Gold Rush California 

Layton, T.
Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2002. ISBN 0804741751.
A sequel to The Voyage of the 'Frolic': New England Merchants and the Opium Trade (Stanford, 1997), Thomas Layton tells the broader story of the beginnings of direct commerce between China and California, and attempts to explore the potential of contextual archaeology--the intellectual process of transporting artifacts from their resting places back to the behavioral contexts in which they once functioned. 269 pages.
Shipwrecked Heritage: A Commentary on the UNESCO Convention on Underwater Cultural Heritage 

O'Keefe, P.
Leicester: Institute of Art and Law, 2002. ISBN 1903987016.
An article-by-article analysis of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization that met in Paris from October 15 to November 3, 2001. (Available through the publisher.) 206 pages.
Submerged: Adventures of America's Most Elite Underwater Archeology Team 

Lenihan, D.
New York: Newmarket Press, 2002. ISBN 1557045054.
Lenihan, founder of the National Park Service's Submerged Cultural Resource Unit, takes his readers on an adventure-packed tour of underwater wreck sites. See also our review. 287 pages.
The Gondola Philadelphia & the Battle of Lake Champlain 

Bratten, J.
College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2002. ISBN 1585441473.
A veteran of the American Revolutionary War, the Continental gondola Philadelphia is the oldest intact warship currently on display in North America. Archaeologist John Bratten details the gunboat's history, construction, armament, tools, utensils, personal items, and rigging elements. He also takes advantage of contemporary records to describe the Philadelphia's artifacts and presents for the first time an analysis of photographs taken during the 1935 recovery of the boat. 235 pages.
Kota Mama: Retracing the Lost Trade Routes of Ancient South American Peoples 

Blashford-Snell, J., and R. Snailham
North Pomfret: Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2001. ISBN 0747222819.
The account of the authors' journey from South America to Africa chronicles their effort to prove that trade links could have existed thousands of years ago. 272 pages.
Sea Drift: Rafting Adventures in the Wake of Kon-Tiki 

Capelotti, P.
New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2001. ISBN 0813529786.
This is the first book to document all of the transoceanic raft expeditions that have been carried out since 1947, when Kon-Tiki, a balsa-wood raft under the leadership of Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl, drifted from Peru to Polynesia. 294 pages.

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