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Curse of the Pharaohs: My Adventures with Mummies 

Hawass, Z.
Washington: National Geographic Society, 2004. ISBN 079226665X.
Zahi Hawass purports to reassure young readers by debunking the idea of cursed tombs and vengeful mummies. See also our review. 144 pages.
Green Eggs and Ham in Latin: Virent Ova! Virent Perna! 

Seuss, D., and G. Tunberg, trans.
Wauconda: Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 2003. ISBN 0865165556.
The Latin translation of the Dr. Seuss children's classic. 71 pages.
Josť's Buffalo Hunt: A Story From History 

Simmons, M.
Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2003. ISBN 082633315X.
Drawn from actual events, a young Hispanic boy from New Mexico takes part in his first traditional buffalo hunt. 62 pages.
Masks Of The World Coloring Book 

Smith, A.
Mineola: Dover, 2003. ISBN 0486430391.
A coloring book featuring masks from different cultures around the world. 30 pages.
Rome in Spectacular Cross-Section 

Beisty, S.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003. ISBN 0439455464.
Cross-section illustrations with labels for many of the buildings used during the prominence of ancient Rome. 30 pages.
The Palace of Minos at Knossos 

Scarre, C., and R. Stefoff
New York: Oxford University Press, 2003. ISBN 0195142721.
Combining colorful photographs and charts with historical information, the ancient Greek archaeological site of Knossos comes alive. 47 pages.
Israel: Past and Present 

Bahat, D.
Rome: Vision S.r.l., 2002. ISBN 8881620839.
This colorful guide to the archaeological sites of Israel includes the history of each site as well as present and conceived past views. 75 pages.
Italy Monuments: Past and Present 

Staccioli, A.
Rome: Vision S.r.l., 2002. ISBN 8881621339.
This colorful guide to Italy's archaeological sites includes past and present interpretations of sites along with information on their history. 76 pages.
Northwest Coast Indian Designs: Stained Glass Coloring Book 

Smith, A.
Mineola: Dover Publications, 2002. ISBN 0486420817.
With 16 full-page, ready-to-color illustrations depicting ceremonial masks, stylized animals, and other Native American motifs, this coloring book of stained glass designs introduces people to the rich symbolism of the Indians of the Northwest Coast. 16 pages.
AMAZEing Art: Wonders of the Ancient World 

Berg, C.
New York: Harper Resource, 2001. ISBN 0060956747.
This book contains 31 three-dimensional mazes in the form of ancient ruins, including Stonehenge, Sumerian temples, Roman aqueducts, the Great Wall of China, and Maya pyramids, and explains the history of each ruin next to its corresponding labyrinth puzzle. The book includes an introduction to the wonders of the ancient world, a further reading section, and puzzle solutions. 144 pages.

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