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Saharan Rock Art: The Archaeology of Tassilian Pastoral Nomads 

Holl, A.
Walnut Creek: Altamira Press, 2004. ISBN 0759106045.
Important in understanding the lifeways of Saharan pastoralists in Africa, the Iheren Neolithic rock murals provide over three meters of iconography as well as several compositions and depictions of Tassilian life. 143 pages.
Adventures In The Bone Trade: The Race to Discover Human Ancestors in Ethiopia's Afar Depression 

Kalb, J.
New York: SpringerVerlag, 2001. ISBN 0387987428.
Coming from vast experience as a team member on the Lucy expedition and having lived in Ethiopia for many years, the author discusses the cutthroat and competitive world of paleoanthropology, where everyone is in a race to discover the oldest human fossils. 374 pages.
Africa's Great Rift Valley 

Pavitt, N.
New York: Abrams, 2001. ISBN 0810906023.
This comprehensive text uses archaeology, geology, and natural history to explore Africa's 3,500-mile-long Great Rift Valley, home to numerous species of plants and animals, as well as the Maasai people and early human fossils. 208 pages.
African Civilizations: An Archaeological Perspective 

Connah, G.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001. ISBN 0521593093.
This revised edition examines the physical evidence for developing social complexity in tropical Africa over the last 400 years, discussing archaeological research on urbanism and state formation. 340 pages.
Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The 1933 Expedition Into Abyssinia 

De Prorok, B
Santa Barbara: The Narrative Press, 2001. ISBN 150978000X.
Count Byron Kuhn de Prorok describes his 1933-34 expedition into Abyssinia, in modern-day Ethiopia; writing about such things as raiding tombs, flirting with native women, outrunning murderous warlords, spying on magical cults, female circumcision, human-animal relations, and slavery. 254 pages.
Dogon: Africa's People of the Cliffs 

Van Beek, W.
New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2001. ISBN 0810943735.
This book, which combines anthropological text and 125 full-color photographs, explores the Dogon, who retain a traditional way of life in the sandy plains of Mali. 192 pages.
Kalambo Falls Prehistoric Site Volume III 

Clark, J. D.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001. ISBN 0521200717.
The local basin in the Kalambo River Valley above the famous falls on the boundary between Zambia and Tanzania provides one of the longest and richest records of human activity so far recovered from a single site in the African continent. The final volume of this major site report covers the Middle and Early Stone Age period. 701 pages.
Making History in Banda: Anthropological Visions of Africa's Past 

Stahl, A.
New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001. ISBN 0521801826.
Stahl shows how archaeology, history, and anthropology can work together more closely by using evidence from all three disciplines to reconstruct the daily lives of the Banda villagers of Ghana over six centuries. Includes some black-and-white photographs, maps, and illustrations. 268 pages.
The Zimbabwe Culture: Origins and Decline of Southern Zambezian States 

Pikirayi, I.
Walnut Creek: AltaMira Press, 2001. ISBN 075910090X.
Examines the growth and decline of precolonial states on the Zimbabwean Plateau and southern Zambezia, and their debated archaeological remains from mighty capital cities to farmsteads. Includes some black-and-white photographs, maps, and illustrations. 290 pages.
Wildlife Wars: My Fight to Save Africa's Natural Treasures 

Leakey, R., and V. Morell
New York: St. Martin's Press, 2001. ISBN 0312206267.
Richard Leakey, known for his work in human origins, tells the story of his life since the publication of his 1983 memoir One Life, including the story of his crusade to save Kenya's natural resources, specifically the African element. 304 pages.

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