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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 52 Number 4, July/August 1999

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Prize Palenque Finds Recent excavations at the Late Classic Maya city of Palenque in Mexico have yielded a tomb decorated with the first painted murals ever found at the site.
Mass Reburial In the largest single repatriation of American Indian remains ever, the bones of nearly 2,000 people have been returned to the pueblo of Jemez, New Mexico.
Kosovo War Damage Monuments in Kosovo and Serbia's other provinces have been damaged during the Balkan war.
Pre-Clovis Surprise Excavations have revealed apparently pre-Clovis artifacts at the Topper site near Allendale, South Carolina.
Capitol Sex On the future site of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., excavation has turned up the midden associated with a Civil War-era brothel.
Sunken Frigate Yields Punic Stelae One hundred fifteen stelae found at ancient Carthage in 1874-1875 and shipped to Toulon, France, have finally reached their destination.
Hybrid Humans? Analysis of the skeletal remains of a four-year-old child suggests early modern humans and Neandertals may have interbred.
Cyprus Import Ban The United States has imposed an emergency import ban on Byzantine ecclesiastical and ritual objects from Cyprus.

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