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Departments Volume 50 Number 2, March/April 1997

In This Issue
The Function of Myth
How myth shapes our understanding of the past. By Peter A. Young
From the President
Annual Kudos
Wilhelmina Jashemski of the University of Maryland is awarded the Archaeological Institute of America's Gold Medal for her work at Pompeii; Frederick Cooper of the University of Minnesota receives the first Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. By Stephen L. Dyson
Letters Archaeology Be Wharfed, Save Paleoindian Skeletons, More Warrior Women, MayaQuest Free, Delicious Mystery
Beyond the Danube's Iron Gates
The construction of two dams and hydroelectric projects prompts rescue archaeology on the Roman Empire's northeastern frontier. By James Wiseman
Special Report
Ancient Seafaring
New discoveries, some controversial, are pushing back the date of the colonization of Southeast Asia and Australia, and are expanding our knowledge of early island networks. By Peter Bellwood
The First Americans
A brilliant new work documents the 13,000-year-old site of Monte Verde, Chile, the earliest-known settlement in the Americas. Monte Verde: A Late Pleistocene Settlement in Chile. By Tom Dillehay. 1,080 pages. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1997. ISBN 1-56098-680-8. $155.00. Reviewed by Brian M. Fagan. (Check out ARCHAEOLOGY's latest list of new books.)
At the Museums
Ancient Sepphoris
A major exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art explores the cosmopolitan nature of an ancient Jewish city. By Angela M.H. Schuster (Check out ARCHAEOLOGY's latest list of museum exhibitions.)
What's On Line? Part II
Digging into Old World web sites. By Jessica E. Saraceni
Beneath the Shifting Sands
Artifacts appear and vanish on the vast Saharan landscape. By Ernst Aebi
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